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Saturday, 16 July 2011

State of the Map EU - Presentation

Just a quick pointer to the recording of my presentation here at SOTMEU. So, far a great and vibrant conference, and our research into usability issues in OpenStreetMap was well received. I was particularly pleased by the positive reaction from a lot of conference attendants to our work, it seems that most core community members are well aware of the issues we raised, and recognise the need for improvement.

This small research project from us then represents the first of an ongoing effort to better embed and implement a usability engineering culture in this great project!

Dr Patrick Weber talks about Potlatch Usability

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  1. At the main State of the Map 2011 (in Denver, USA) people are continuing to be grateful for your work, especially the eye-tracking to understand Potlatch usability. You wrote more about it at but I'll point them to this blog post so they have a link to the video.

    There are also other details about the SOTM-EU talk (including the paper) at