Project Description

"This blog is updated by the JISC funded G3 Project (#jisc3g) team. We are building an framework for teaching and communicating relevant geographic concepts and data to learners from outside the world of geography and GIS. We think this blog will be of particular interest to those working or teaching in HE and FE and those interested in teaching and learning and e-learning."

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About the G3 project

The JISC G3 project is setting out to bridge the learning Gap between the Geoweb and GIS. It has been set up to enable users outside of the field of GIS to overcome the disconnect between :
  1. Using Geoweb for day-to-day activities (eg finding the pub or hotel)
  2. Using GIS as part of research or studies (eg creating a map of population characteristics or mapping land use near development sites)
Most students and researchers are familiar with using maps on the internet or on a mobile phone – in particular, Google Maps - for tasks such as finding their way between A and B or finding the nearest cash machine or Italian restaurant. They can easily navigate around the map, and know that clicking on a point will pop-up some information.
What they maybe don’t realize, however, is that every time they do this, they are using a Geographical Information System (GIS). What’s more, a GIS could be a very useful tool for their studies and research as it provides a different way of looking at data –by putting data on a map, you can identify links, trends and patterns that aren’t obvious when you are looking at spreadsheets or databases.
We are developing a number of scenario based web mapping tools that will enable students to build knowelge about the fundamental concepts of geography and GIS so that when they need to begin using a desktop GIS (such as ArcGIS, MapInfo Professional, Geomedia Professional), they will already start with some knowledge.  Rather than teach abstract concepts, the tools will focus on scenarios related to discipline-specific use-cases, highlighting areas where GIS could be useful to individual groups.
There will be three main deliverables of the project.
  1. Understanding of what new learners to GIS need
  2. Scenario based tool for new learners to GIS
  3. Scneario builder tool for teachers to build their own scenarios
The following diagram provides a useful visual summary of the project.

G3 - Project Proposal