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"This blog is updated by the JISC funded G3 Project (#jisc3g) team. We are building an framework for teaching and communicating relevant geographic concepts and data to learners from outside the world of geography and GIS. We think this blog will be of particular interest to those working or teaching in HE and FE and those interested in teaching and learning and e-learning."

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

IIGLU - our logo

IIGLU is more than just a piece of software. IIGLU stands to Interactive, Integrated, Geographic, Learning and Understanding. It represents the result the of work the JISC G3 project has been conducting over the last month. We have been developing a framework for teaching geographical information concept to learners from outside the discipline.

We came up with the name as a take on the word Igloo because it is made of large building blocks which represent the steps of understanding in our framework. As you complete each step you build your understanding of the concepts that underpin digital mapping (desktop and web based). Also an igloo is sort of shaped like a globe, and this project is about geography and digital mapping so we wanted to incorporate a globe into the design.

As part of the frame work we are developing a tool to support new learners : for more information have a look at the post : an IIGLU is born.

Hope you like it!


  1. Hi,
    where is it possible to know something more about IIGLU?

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  2. This is a sample of the software we are developing as part of the framework.

  3. Hi kate,
    thank you.

    I have used your URL and I have "Page not found".

    Is it normal?

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  4. Oopps it was missing the .html

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